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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Live Streaming and Real-Time Updates

Below is a curated list of real-time streaming and other links to coverage of the Japan earthquake and Tsunami. Many thanks to Crisis Commons community friends Sophia Liu (@sophiabliu) at the University of Colorado, and Toronto’s Heather Leason (@HeatherLeson) for the heads-up on these. UPDATE: 12:55 EST (17:55 GMT) A embeddable, multilingual instance of Google PersonFinder is now available, as well.

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NPR on CrisisCamp: Helping Haiti With Tech, Texts & Tweets

National Public Radio’s All Tech Considered radio feature and website referenced our CrisisCamp/CrisisCommons community’s work in Washington, DC; Brooklyln, NY; Los Angeles and Silicon Valley/San Francisco, CA for Haitian relief this past weekend. It should also be noted that NPR’s own Social Media Director, Andy Carvin played a major role in helping to organize and coordinate some the the key volunteer project work, as well as outreach to critical NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations.)

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ICRC (Red Cross) FamilyLinks Website

The International Committee of the Red Cross is helping to reconnect separated families within Haiti via a special, newly-launched website, familylinks.icrc.org, enabling persons in Haiti and abroad to search for and/or register the names of relatives believed missing since the earthquake.

Use short URL: http://tiny.cc/redcross_haiti or the full length one, http://www.familylinks.icrc.org, then choose Haiti.

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