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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Live Streaming and Real-Time Updates

Below is a curated list of real-time streaming and other links to coverage of the Japan earthquake and Tsunami. Many thanks to Crisis Commons community friends Sophia Liu (@sophiabliu) at the University of Colorado, and Toronto’s Heather Leason (@HeatherLeson) for the heads-up on these. UPDATE: 12:55 EST (17:55 GMT) A embeddable, multilingual instance of Google PersonFinder is now available, as well.

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mHealth Summit: Health Gets Mobile

Mobile technologies have the potential to transform global health care on many fronts, from research and diagnostics to training and preventative interventions. Targeting experts from such diverse fields as medical research, software design, clinical health care, hardware manufacture and network transmission, the summit hopes to spur development and deployment of innovative, practical, affordable and effective solutions to health challenges in underserved and resource-poor populations.

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FCC Workshop: Public Safety and Homeland Security

From the Official FCC event website: The goal of this workshop is to examine existing and potential uses of broadband technology by public safety entities and ways in which broadband technology can enhance homeland security. The workshop will bring together representatives from the public safety community, government agencies, industry, and academia to discuss interoperability, redundancy, cyber security, 911, and pandemic response, among other issues.

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